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PCU: A School Raised Up For God’s Purpose

There is no doubt in my mind that God has raised up and set apart PCU to serve His kingdom purpose in a unique way. My conviction is supported by the way PCU has impacted my life and the life of other men and women of God. With our current program and curriculum Promise Christian has been able to equip numerous Christian leaders with the right skill and tools they need for the ministry to which God has called them.

One of the unique qualities of PCU is our low tuition. Because PCU’s tuition is so affordable we are enabling many of our students to gain a level of quality education that they could not otherwise afford.

For anyone considering whether or not to pursue higher education, let me share this as well. When I received my Master’s degree I thought I had gained all the knowledge I needed to teach and equip others with God’s Word. But I made a decision one day to attain a doctorate degree. I’m so glad I did. I’ve come to realize even more the value of higher education as it has enabled me to become better equipped to teach others with a greater degree of excellence. I found that each new level of study took me deeper into God’s word, furnishing me with even more knowledge and understanding that I consider invaluable. And because of this, I have been able to reach and influence others with God’s word even more.

I am so very grateful to the Lord for the way PCU has impacted my life. Praise God for how He is using PCU and its Spirit-filled staff to impact more and more lives for the sake of His kingdom and for His glory.

Dr. Paul England

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