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Arise and Shine in 2023 by Dr. Adelle McKinney

We are beginning to see the wind of the Holy Spirit flow through the spirit-filled born again church. Everywhere, we see men and women engaged in evangelism, sharing the good news in spite of the darkness in the world today. Jesus is still the light and if lifted up, He is till hearing and answering prayers is drawing more and more souls to salvation especially amongst the youth.

Commonsense is reaching the Millennials especially those who are looking for truth and answers. Real truth is only found in a relationship with God. Look around and you will see new faces in every avenue of our society being recognized not only for their achievements, but also because they are lights standing up for a solid relationship with Jesus Christ.

During this Christmas season, more and more families are remembering the reason for the season. Christmas is not about gifts, toys, shopping and parties. It is a time to remember who we are, and who Christ is. Christians are penetrating Hollywood as never before. There are statistics available that FAMILY FILMS representing moral values and biblical based are high earners. Why are Asian films becoming more and more acceptable in the USA market? Because most depict good vs evil, and character traits of honesty, integrity, forgiveness, love and respect.

Christians are beginning to ARISE AND SHINE. At Promise Christian University our goal is to give every student a foundation in Christ which they can build their lives and ministry upon and encourage them to become leaders in the vocation and ministry God has called them to. 2023 is the year that God's people will ARISE and SHINE for Jesus Christ!

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